I see both individuals and couples for counselling and I use a psychodynamic approach based on affect theory, existential psychotherapy and attachment theory. This school of thought emphasises the role of past experiences, close relationships and the impact of emotions. However, I customise the treatment, depending on the needs of the individual. I am providing a non-judgmental setting where it is possible to connect the current life situation with earlier life events and develop emotional awareness together with relational abilities.

I offer psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, self esteem, loss, relationship- and marital issues. Working 4 years in Singapore has given me a good foundation for working with expatriates and issues related to relocation, adjustment difficulties and culturural challenges.

Use the contact form or please find the email address and telephone number further down on the page. I can be a bit difficult to reach by phone, why the easiest way is to leave a voice mail or send a text message and I get back to you.