Kintsukuroi is Japanese and means: ”To repair with gold”.  This is a couple of shorter presentations in English about the web platform kintsukuroi, which provides psychological services to individuals, couples, groups  and organisations.


I see both individuals and couples for counselling and I use a psychodynamic approach based on affect theory, existential psychotherapy and attachment theory. This school of thought emphasises the role of past experiences, close relationships and the impact of emotions. However, I customise the treatment, depending on the needs of the individual. I am providing a non-judgmental setting … Fortsätt läsa Psychotherapy


In helping professions supervision is viewed as an essential method for developing the professional skills as well as getting the support needed when the work includes difficult and emotionally heavy tasks. Supervision can be provided individually or in smaller groups with similar professions and/or tasks. It can also be a way for a multi-professional team to improve their work together … Fortsätt läsa Supervision

About me

I  hold a Degree of Master of Science in Psychology from University of Uppsala in Sweden and I am a licensed psychologist, registered in Sweden. I also hold a Degree of Bachelor in Theology and Religious Studies. I see couples and individuals in counselling and psychotherapy in my practise in Gamla stan, Stockholm.  I also do … Fortsätt läsa About me